Travel program


You can register for a tour as a group or an individual. The traveler whose name is mentioned in the contract and undersigns the contract should inform fellow travelers of matters and Malakeh Roya shall have no responsibility as regards ignorance of his (her) fellow travelers of the contents of the contract. The traveler shall have to fully study and require enough information from Malakeh Roya authorities prior to registration and be fully knowledgeable about the rules and regulations and the conditions of the tour and the contract and the responsibility for any losses arising from any lack of information shall be borne by the traveler.
In the case of an unexpected event or other problems (technical, environmental or weather conditions) out of the control of Malakeh Roya, leading to change of the program, Malakeh Roya, shall not be held responsible for that and it shall be expected that travelers be patient and cooperate.
In some programs, according to weather conditions or state of roads or upon and in accordance with unexpected events, changes may be made to the travel program, about which, at the place, in accordance with the conditions, the tour guide and leader shall decide.
Travelers should rest assured that these decisions, shall be the best possible decisions under existing circumstances.
Malakeh Roya shall have the right to cancel the tour in case the quorum necessary for making the tour is not met and also the right to change hotel program if necessary.
The person participating in the tour should collect the travel program and undersign the related contract and submit it to the company at the time of registration; for group registrations, the representative of the group should undersign the contract and deliver the travel program to the members of the group.
Bringing photo ID Card (Birth Certificate) and National ID Card on all travels and through the term of travel is mandatory.
Requests for cancellation of travel should be made in written and be submitted by the traveler himself (herself) or his (her) official representative.
Personal items necessary at each travel in the tour program shall be notified in the travel program provided by Malakeh Roya.

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