Stages of registration


Stage 1: Deciding and choosing the tour, calling the agency, acquiring information on the tour, reserving the tour.
Stage 2: Paying tour expenses in one of following ways:

– In cash, in the office of the agency
– Deposition through Internet
– Deposition through ATM
– Cash deposition in bank branches
– Online shopping from the website

Stage 3: One-day tours are valid for maximum 48 hours, a multi-day tours are valid for maximum 72 hours; in case of failure to pay the amount, tour reservation shall be automatically cancelled.
Stage 4: Calling Malakeh Roya office and announcing the tracking number of deposition slip (this stage is not required in case of online shopping).
Stage 5: Should the tour be cancelled due to the quorum not being met, the matter shall be brought to your notice by the agency, for one-day tours within 48 hours and for multi-day tours within 72 hours prior to the date of execution of the programs; otherwise the tour shall be done per the schedule announced before (Except for cancelations due to unpredicted causes).
Stage 6: Agency shall call travelers within 24 hours before execution of programs.
Stage7: Tour leader of the program shall call travelers one day before the program and answer their questions.

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