Code of Ethics


Malakeh Roya Co. is a company committed to the principles of ecotourism.  Ecotourism is a responsible travel to natural areas which serves to protect the environment and improve the lives of the local people, as well, therefore, we ask travelers to comply with the followings, during travels with Malakeh Roya Pars Co.:
To prevent damages to the nature, no disposable food containers shall be provided and travelers should bring personal containers with them as necessary. Also, to the same end, we ask travelers to avoid bringing any disposable containers with them.
We try to leave no trace in the nature, therefore do not dispose small and big garbage (such as cigarette filters, foodstuff packages, tissues, etc.) or do anything which could cause damages or injuries to living creatures (be it plants or animals), or hurt them.
We are committed to respect local cultures and we live up to it, therefore our fellow travelers as well, shall respect the customs of the society hosting them, be it the culture, traditions, languages, dialects, opinions, etc.
We help local economy blossom, preserve the local culture by purchasing local products, and avoid giving money and tips to local people.
Do not take photographs of private places, areas and local people and tribes (especially women and children) without taking permissions and respect holy places and shrines.
Preserve and promote the natural integration of the places you visit.
Respect cultural sensitivities.
Leave the natural environment cleaner than when you reached there.
Do not disturb the peace of the wild life.
Do not buy products produced from endangered animals and plants.
Respect the traditions and public beliefs of the region and do not show disrespect for them.
Do not pick plants in the nature and instead enjoy by taking photographs of them.
Respect holy shrines and sites.
Never make a promise to tribal and rural people that you cannot fulfill.
Try to wear suitable clothes in rural and tribal regions and areas.
During travels, advertising and introducing pyramid companies and any political, economic, cultural, religious, … activities are not allowed.
The right to publish and release photos and videos of the travel is reserved for the supervisor and publishing, releasing or distributing them rests upon obtaining necessary authorization from the company and consent and agreement of those pictured in the photographs and filmed in the videos. Therefore, we request travelers not to publish photos and release videos of others without obtaining necessary authorization and consent.
If you suffer from a special disease, are on a special medicine, or have allergy to a special medicine or edible substance or food, you should inform the person who registers you for the travel of it, at the time of registration, and also inform the tour leader and the executive team of it and the place where you keep your medicine, at the beginning of the travel.
If you follow a special diet or are a vegetarian, you should inform the supervisor of the program of this, at the beginning of the travel so that they can cooperate with you to the best of existing facilities.
Punctuality, in the first place, is to the benefit of you and is a right of your fellow travelers. By only several travelers being late, the whole group shall lose time and opportunity, therefore, should travelers be late, at the discretion of the supervisor of the group (taking security matters, etc. into consideration) the tour can be started and Malakeh Roya shall have no responsibility to pay probable expenses incurred for joining the group.
Group travels are a chance for practicing team work, so we ask all fellow travelers to respect the tastes and requests of others and the administrative staff as well and avoid individualism and not disturb fellow travelers.
Although Malakeh Roya shall pay necessary attention to safety and health issues of fellow group travelers, it shall not have any responsibility and will not be liable for any accidents and events caused as a result of carelessness, negligence, ignoring tour leader’s recommendations and advices, individualism and in general, any actions by travelers which does not conform to those of the group and or have arisen from or are a result of individual actions and or against or contradicting group plans.
Malakeh Roya’s travel tours usually include walks and sometimes climbing (light to heavy), therefore travelers should well consider the physical abilities of them and their fellow travelers relative to the level of difficulty of programs [when deciding on programs] and should not choose travel programs on mere attractiveness. Since the criteria for deciding on the level of difficulty of a travel program are quite subjective and the level of difficulty of a program for different people may vary a lot in accordance with their abilities, therefore Malakeh Roya, based on its experience of such matters, has defined some criteria based on average person’s abilities for determining the level of the difficulty of travel programs.
Depending on the type and conditions of the journey, bring along the things you may need.
Smoking hookah and shisha are not permitted during travel programs, also, to respect the rights of fellow travelers, smoking and pipe smoking in public areas is not allowed.
Dangerous and offensive pranks and jokes should be strictly avoided. Should any accidents or events arise from these, all the responsibility shall be borne by the person.
Participation of individual and travelers in travel programs rests upon their families being informed of and having obtained their consent to that and all individuals, by signing this agreement, acknowledge that their families are informed and that they have obtained their authorization. Individuals under the age of 18, should necessarily be accompanied by their guardian(s) and or provide the written consent and authorization of their guardian(s) for this.
By signing this contract for the travel, you acknowledge to have assumed all the responsibilities and liabilities for any probable accidents happening during the journey with full knowledge. In the event of any incident, the tourists and his (her) legal or contractual representatives and attorneys, including family members, attorneys, lawyers, etc., shall not have any right to pursuit or take legal actions against the supervisor(s) of the group, person (s) in-charge and other official(s) of the group.
Before each travel, the conditions of the travel and its difficulties and problems shall be published on the website and by the authorities of Malakeh Roya. Participation of individuals in travel program, shall mean that they have participated in the program with full knowledge of the conditions, difficulties and deficiencies of the program.

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