During the Travel


Upon collecting the full price of the tour, as agreed, Malakeh Roya will be committed to do its duties within the framework of the tour program but shall have no responsibility for any expenses arising from any sickness, illness, or unexpected personal accident and losses incurred by travelers and /or his (her) fellow travelers or companions in any manner and at any place, and travelers themselves shall have to pay for such expenses.
Should any traveler(s) fail to appear at the time and place determined for starting the trip, Malakeh Roya shall not be held responsible and the fees and charges collected, shall not be refunded. Therefore, travelers are asked to appear on time at the place determined for starting the trip.
Travelers should have the physical ability to travel as specified in the travel program and all travelers are asked to choose tour programs by due observance of their physical abilities, otherwise, at the discretion of the supervisor, they will be prevented from joining tour programs possibly problematic for them or others. Should travelers not comply with the decisions of the supervisor, Malakeh Roya shall not have any responsibilities towards the non-compliant person.
Considering the unsafety of the natural environments, tourists should always stay close to other tourists and follow the guidance and warnings given by tour leaders and do not leave or separate from the tour, during the term of the travel unless if permissible at the discretion of the tour leader.
Travelers should respect the rights of other tourists and fellow travelers and refrain from any actions considered as immoral or forbidden or contradicting rules, regulations, customs.
Should any traveler infringe the rights of himself (herself) or others and cause any disturbance in the state of affairs of the tour and affect the travel program, the tour leader, shall take actions, as per the legal rules and regulations of the country.
Considering the existence of wild animals and vermin in natural areas of Iran, uncontrollability of weather conditions, contamination of water, air and food in natural areas …, hereby, the tourist, personally assumes the responsibility for all and any accidents and diseases in this connection.

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