Spa Tour

7 Nights/ 8 Days program

Spa Tour


Spa Tour

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7 Nights/ 8 Days program ( Recommended for Spring & Summer, Apr- Oct)


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Due to the variety of climates in iran, we can offer you various programs  in four season.Iran is a land of lend of legends and hogh mountains .Iran has many attractions for tourists. So opportunities for relaxation in the mountains and high mountains ranges for climbers,huge forests with a healing and pleasant climate, hot, springs, places, cities and historic villages with unusal architecture and creates popular cultures.

And in the depth of the earth ,there are hidden teasures in the shape of amazing and beautiful caves.

Mineral and Thermal springs created by volcanic activity on the slopes of the mountains are very useful

For treating hydrotherapy”.

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Tehran- Ardebil- Sarein-Ghotour- Suiee- Shabil- Gheynaryeh

01 Arrival, meet and transfer to hotel . O/N.Tehran.

Morning flight to Ardebil, a half day city tour of Ardebil, drive to Sarein. O/N. Sarein.


Using the thermal bath and pool treatment , special additives bathes, water treatment in Sarein. O/N. Sarein.


Drive to Ghotour-Suiee, using its bath and pools which is useful for skin-deseases and tranquility with 40 degrees., enjoy the mountain trekking ( Sabalan) or visiting the Shahsavan Tribe on the skirt of Sabalan. O/N. Ghotour-Suiee.


Drive to Shabil – Spa to swimm in 49 degree pool and camping in Shabil.

06 Drive to Elando and Gheynaryeh hot spa and floating in 67 degree pool which is useful for tranquility . Camping in Gheynaryeh.
07 Drive to Ardebil for flying back to Tehran. O/N. Tehran.
08 Transfer to Airport for homebound flight.

 Air         = Land

Note: In fall and winter we can replace Genou, Larigan or Sadat Mahaleh hot spa.


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