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Malekeh Roya Pars Airline Co., was established in Tehran in 2007, holding license No. 942/126/739 issued by the Cultural Heritage Organization and License No. 6041 issued by the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran and is registered in the Companies Registration Department under No. 427378 and is permitted to operate and do business in Tehran.
The company now wants to provide its services in the Green Continent, Oceania and the Americas, to the whole Middle East region, which towards the development of the tourism industry and the business activities in the region and finding new opportunities for business in different fields and areas.
Furthermore, Malakeh Roya Co. is one of the professional tour providers of Iran, active as well in bringing tourists to Iran. Let us work together to build a prosperous peaceful Iran in the global village.
The main activities of Malakeh Roya Co. include the followings:
To provide consultation and obtain business, skills and student residence permit for Canada – America – Australia and Europe
To provide consultation for obtaining Schengen visas and do travel affairs, Pickup passport, booking appointments with the embassies
To issue tickets for all domestic and foreign airlines, including domestic tickets of Europe – America – Australia and the Far East
To plan and execute individual and group specialized luxury, recreational, sports, exhibition tours in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East.
To issue individual and group visas to Iran to attract foreign tourists
To issue all travel insurance policies
To provide Airport and city transport and transfer services, CIP, VIP
To provide travelers with skillful, fluent, expert tour leaders fluent in different languages of the world and to do student affairs
Malakeh Roya Co.’s Motto: Dream Trips with Dream Malakeh Roya

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