Qeshm Island is located a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran (Persian Gulf), opposite the port cities of Bandar Abbas and Bandar Khamir.The island, which hosts a 300-square-kilometre (116-square-mile) free zone jurisdiction, is 135 km long, and lies strategically in the Strait of Hormuz, just 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the Omani port of Khasab, and about 180 kilometers (112 miles) from the UAE Port Rashid.The island, at its widest point, located near the center of the island, spans 40 kilometers (25 miles). Similarly, at its narrowest point, the island spans 9.4 kilometers (5.8 miles).The island has a surface area of 1,491 square kilometers (576 square miles) and is 2.5 times the size of Bahrain. Qeshm city, located at the easternmost point of the island, is 22 kilometers (14 miles) from Bandar Abbas while the closest point of the island is but two kilometers (1 mile) from the mainland.The average temperature on the island is approximately 27 °C (81 °F). The warmest months are June through August, and the coldest from October to January. The average rainfall is 183.2 mm (7 3⁄16 in).The island comprises 59 towns and villages and the population was 117,774 at the 2011 Census. The local population is involved in fishing, dhow construction, trade and services. An additional 30,000 are involved in administrative and industrial workforce and students.

Country Iran
Spoken languages
Population 9.4 Km
Area 117.774

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