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Iran known as Persia:

Iran is a country of middle east and is bordered on the north  by Armenia and Azerbijan , Russia ,Turkmenistan and Kazakstan.

On the west by Kuwait and Iraq and also on the north west by Turkey.

On the east by Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran is divided to 5 regions and31 provinces. The provinces are divided into countries(shahrestan) and sub devided into districts(Bakhsh) and sub-districts (DEhestan).

So each province governed by an appointed governer-general (ostandar) .

Undoubtedly, the great tourism potentiales have placed iran at the top of countries in the world.

Being ranked 5 based on diversity of natural  , climatic attractions and it has made Iran as an ancient country of global travel and tourism.

The main reason to visit Iran by turists  is due to its glorious cultural and historical places such as Naghshe-Jahan squars , Naghshe – rostam , etc.

Ancient Iran allocated 24 registerd world heritage sites in UNESCO.

Iran tourism is very diversified by providing a range of activities from skiing. hiking .swimming , desert trekking , etc it will be start from Zagros mountains and Alborz and ends with beach holidays by the sea.

Iran is founding member of the UN, ECO, NAM, OIC, and OPEC and a major regional power with reserves of fossil, fuels which includs the worlds largest natural gas and oil which influence in international energy security and the world economy.

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