Parseh Hotel


Parseh Hotel



Main Information
4 star
Iran, Shiraz



Number of Rooms: 72 
Check in: 2 PM 
Check out: 12 PM
Parseh Hotel has 60 two-bed rooms and 12 suits with complete and modern facilities. Accommodation in Shiraz Parseh Hotel is half-price for children three to eight years old in the case of nonuse of service.
Parse hotel is located in the center of the Zand collections which has the best access to any of historical constructions exist in city center of Shiraz. 
These historical sites are as follows: 
The Castel of Karim Khan, 
Vakil Bazaar, 
The Bath- House of Vakil, 
Sarayeh Moshir, 
The Tomb of BiBi Dokhtar, 
Forough-ol-Molk Building, 
Parse Museum, 
Vakil Mosque, 
The Mausoleum of Shah-e Cheragh

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