Traditional Medicine Tour

Traditional Medicine Tour


Traditional Medicine Tour


The history of Iranian traditional medicine is rich in the proud efforts of renowned scientists such as

Abu-Ali-Sina whose valuable experiences have inspired human scientific around the world. The variety of medicinal plants in the Iranian territory is unique. According to scientific and pharmaceutical  researchers, there are 8000 species of herbs in Iran . more than 2500 species have characteristics such as: medicinal,perfumed , herbal, cosmetic , sanitary , seasoning , nutritional supplements ( by adding colour to other substances ) , for insect and herb control , weeds and so on. Nearly , 1730 species known as native plants of Iran grow only in Iran and as a monopoly capacity in the country . in Malakeh Roya Pars tour the most important herb breeding centers , factory producing herbs, traditional apothecory , will be visited. So you will get familiar with Iran empirical scientific knowledge . please contact us to send you its itinerary.

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