Bird Watching

Bird Watching


Bird Watching

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A country with such huge differences in its habits and climate can make a perfect haven for wild and migratory birds .

Who come to rest and hatching inwinter. Iran is an exceptional destination which can present more than 517 species for an avid birder the only true endemic specie. also exists some very near to endemic birds like caspian tit , Red-tailed wheater, Sind-pied, woodpecker and caspian snowrock . Malakeh Roya Pars employs experienced bird tour guides to conduct her own group and private tours of important protected birding areas in wildlife sanctuaries.

Many wet lands,lakes,and marshes have a migratory bird population. This area is of particular importance for the conservation of wildlife ecosystems. It is also special ecological location in terms of nesting , habital , shelter and water availability for birds and other wild animals arevery important, the most important of above can be named as follows :


  • Naiband ( mand) day
  • Hara forests


  • Hamoon lake
  • Gando region


  •   Anzali lagoon
  •   Miankaleh lagoon
  •   Alagol lagoon


  • Uromieh lake
  • Arasbaran conserved region


  • Hashilan march
  • Central
  • Band Ali khan pond
  • Bakhtegan lake
  • Parishan lake

 Because of these rich and beautiful resources , we find them worth visiting in all seasons ,specially autumn and winter . and it provides an opportunity for environmentalists , bird watchers andenthusiasts who love to visit this brilliant phenomenon . please contact us via “ [email protected]” to sendyou the itinerary

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