The number of people enrolled in a tour is important in determination of the route taken in the tour (asphalt, pavement, etc.) and type of vehicle used for transportation.
In multi-day ground tours, the seats of travelers in the transportation vehicle shall be rotated on intervals, therefore no special seat number shall be assigned to individuals.
Due to limited space of transportation vehicles, one luggage or backpack shall be allowed for each person and that also should not weigh more than 20 kg and should be of average size. Heavy loads bother and trouble the traveler himself (herself) in the first place. Therefore, we recommend travelers to travel as unencumbered as possible. Please bring the items you need during the travel in a small day bag or backpack.
Unloading backpacks or luggage from the luggage space during the travel would be troublesome to you and Administrators as well.
Tourists should take care of their properties and cash and carry their luggage on their own and Malakeh Roya shall not be held responsible for the loss of them.

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