Iran Folk Music Tour

Iran Folk Music Tour


Iran Folk Music Tour

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Malakeh Roya Pars tour operator and travel agency is proud to introduce and oprates many different tours for the first time in Iran. The “ Sufism tour “

And “ Iranian music tour “ are unique and special in its itinary. From Ashiqs in the northeast of the country to Baluch singers , dancers on the Pakistan

border , Nomadic tribesmen , Ney musicians .who have all inherited their ancesors . 2000 years old song of Ouramanat kurds , Shalikar women’s songs ( songs of rice farming women ) .

southern music reminiscent of bitter slavery, and Khorasan music calling “ Lily “ as mythical beloved , Epic music of the Bakhtiari Lor Tribes and Turk men dagger dance all in one the pack come together to perform a voyage into the land of music and songs , Ney , Santur , Daf , Tar , Dotar , Setar and Tambourine. On the Malakeh Roya Pars tour operator and travel co , you can meet musicians , local singers and folk dancers .

please contact us to send you the itinerary .


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