An institute which takes you traveling through history. Where you take a walk in an aisle of museums, feeling of passing civilization energizes you. Look at the objects which belong to thousands of years ago providing you with the idea of living in past how life has grown to shape the human culture.
Touch the costume, culture, and civilization of a country while visiting its museums.

Iran Bastan Museum


Hundreds of mausoleums will attract your eyes in different cities of Iran.
Some of those are religious ones which are in different cities, but the main ones are in Mashhad (Imam Reza Mausoleum), Shiraz (Shah Cheraq Mausoleum) and Tehran (Shah Abdol Azim). In addition, cultural mausoleums are so vital for Iranian as most Persians have grown with the poem of those heroes. The most popular is Ferdowsi who has rescued the Persian language from being damaged. Next one is Hafez and then Saadi and Finally Omar Khayyam Mausoleum.

Imam zadeh Saleh

Shah Abdol Azim


Verity of climate and having the sense of being four-season flourishes the colorful flowers in Iranian gardens.
As you get closer to the central desert, surprisingly you can find Dolat Abad garden in Yazd or Shazdeh garden in Kerman, also in the city of literature Eram garden is a highlight.
Being drowned in flower garden of Isfahan next to the architecture and climate of the city seems incredibly possible.

National Garden


Experience nature, culture, costume, and history in Iranian Palaces. Enjoy the hall of mirror architecture in Golestan or Narenjestan Palace, being pleased by the nature of Sa’d Abad or Niavaran Palace and acknowledge the Iranian culture in Chehel Sotoon Palace.

Golestan Palace

Niavaran Palace

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