National Museum


National Museum


National museum was built by the French Andre Godar in Early 70s

National Museum was built by the French Architect Mr. Andre Godar in the Early 70s, it is situated in the heart of City of Tehran near the Imam Khomeini Square on the corner of Khomeini Ave & Sie Tir Street.

The Natinoal Museum has two parts. The Pre Islamic Period which holds artifacts from the beginning of time to the actual period of Persian Empire until the end of the Sassanid Period which ended by the envasion of the Arabs over the Persian Terittory

and Islamic Period.  : The Islamic period, holds all the was created by the Artist during the Islamic Period. Historically, the nations around the world believe the Islamic Art belongs to the Arabin Nations but that is not a fact. The Islamic Art belongs to the period that the Islam basically over took the actual world by the Arabs.

This means in each region, wheatehr be in Iran or any other parts of the Islamic world people created art and who not necessary were Arab.

The Islamic section holds different type of Arts. From Caligraphy to beautiful metal work. Wood work and different types of artifacts.

This is a must to go and see the National Musuem of Iran .

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