Insurance Terms and Conditions


All those participating in travel programs shall be covered by Civil Liability Insurance from the beginning to the end of the travel program, the terms and conditions of insurance and the amounts of the treatment and loss expenses to be paid by the insurance company shall be different, depending on the type of travel.
Should any accidents happen and any material and life losses be incurred by the tourist, the supervisor of the group shall do his (her) best to compensate the loss through insurance agency, but if failing to do so, the managers of Malakeh Roya Co. and the supervisor of the program, shall have no liability to pay any compensations and damages. The amount of death and dismemberment indemnities shall conform to the highest amount determined for such cases as per I.R. Iran Rules and Regulations and the amounts of treatment expenses, shall be determined by the agreement concluded between Malakeh Roya Iranian Co. and the Insurance Agency on yearly basis. It is evident that this amount shall cover the least required by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.
In the event of an accident and if treatment costs exceed the amount guaranteed by the insurance company, this company shall not be held liable for payment or financing the remaining amount of the medical expenses.
Activities such as swimming, diving, motorcycling, motor scootering, kitesurfing, paragliding and all types of sports considered as dangerous in any way, are not covered by the insurance policy and exercising them during the travel is not allowed. Any and any accidents happening due to such activities shall be fully borne by the traveler himself (herself(.

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