Iran Sufi Tour

Iran Sufi Tour


Iranian Sufism Tour is one of the most extraordinary tours operated only by Pardisan Tour. Iran boasts one of the richest mystical and Sufi traditions and most of the major names in Sufism came from this land and are either buried in the current geographical boundaries of this Country or lived in the cultural territory of Iran or Persian-speaking neighboring lands. The great influence of Sufism and mysticism on the Iranian nation and on human society as a whole has undoubtedly created one of the most fascinating features of human life. The effect of mysticism on music, architecture, art and especially literature is beyond description. Iran has been home to hundreds of great Sufis tens of them are now considered great cultural and literary names of this Country.
This tour includes visits to the tombs of great Sufis and investigates the influence of each on the Iranian literature and Iranian society. The tour is guided by one of the university professors who is well-known as one of the greatest contemporary scholars of Hafiz.


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