Bird Watching

Bird Watching


Iran is one of the most important and main places to host millions of migratory birds who come to rest and hatching in winter. Iran had 18 Lagoons and lots of lakes , ponds and marsh which is preserved by the Iranian Environmental Preservation Organization and fell under auspices of the organization as wild life refuge.

Since most of these Lagoons, lakes ponds and marshes lies in flying course of migratory birds, it is considered to be important for conservation of wild life and regional ecosystem. And because of its special ecological situation from habitation, nesting, refuge and availability of water point of view, it is highly important for birds as well as other wild animals.

The most important of above can be named as follows:

A- North (Caspian sea)

  1. Anzali lagoon
  2. Miankaleh lagoon
  3. Alagol lagoon


B-Northern west

  1. Uromieh lake
  2. Arasbaran conserved region



  1. Hashilan marsh


D- Central

  1. Band Ali Khan pond
  2. Bakhtegan lake
  3. Parishan lake


  1. Naiband (mand) bay
  2. Hara Forests


F-South eastern

  1. Hamoon lake
  2. Gando region

Because of these rich sources, it worth seeing them in all seasons , especially in autumn, winter and spring that they become tremendously beautiful and it provides a great opportunity for ecologists, bird watchers and all people who love to witness this brilliant phenomenon.


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