Iran Folk Music Tour

Iran Folk Music Tour


Pardisan Tours is proud to introduce and operate some of its tours for the first time in Iran. “Sufism Tour” and “Iranian Music Tour” are undoubtedly unique in their structure.

The Iranian Music Tour aims to give you a taste of various types of music played in the vast territory of Iran. From Ashiqs in the uppermost north to Baluch singers and dancers at the Pakistani border, nomadic Tushmals, Nay players who have inherited the art from their ancestors, songs of rice farming women in the north , 2000-year old songs of Ouramanat Kurds, dance and music of the south which is reminiscent of the bitter memories of slavery, centuries of calling “Leili” as the mythical beloved in Khorasan music, epic music of Bakhtiari Lor tribes, and the dagger dance of Turkmen, are all gathered in one package to make your trip the most adventurous of all; a trip to the land of music and song, Nay and Santur and Daf and Dotar and Tambourine.

You would hear a short history of Iranian music from the early days to contemporary; a story told by renown music scholars of Iran. You would listen to Nay played in villages of Kurdistan and Kermanshah and will hear the loud cry of Karana and drum in black tents of Qashqai tribes. We will make such memories for you to remember Iran whenever you hear the word “travel”.

You can have a dialogue with musicians, music professors, local singers and dancers. You will visit instrument production centers, music museum and other music-related spaces to glorify the less known musicians of this ancient country. For further information and to receive the tour program, please contact us.

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